Other projects and interests

International Community Assist (ICA)


International Community Assist (ICA) is a charity working to provide international aid to Albania. ICA’s mission is to alleviate poverty through the provision of general assistance. Part of ICA’s remit is to provide general information and advice to communities in Albania (please visit their website, www.ica-uk.co.uk, for more information on their diverse activities).

Albania has to contend with a myriad of medical problems, with common ailments often going untreated in the remoter regions and diseases, such as tuberculosis, rapidly gaining ground country-wide. The country is also struggling to train healthcare professionals with its limited resources. One of the ways in which ICA aims to assist Albanian healthcare professionals and students is with much needed medical information sources. Renshaw Communications’ role is to help source freely available information in response to specific medical queries from medical and healthcare professionals in Albania.

The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre (MSRC)


The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre (MSRC) acts as a conduit for people to share their thoughts, experience and knowledge about living with multiple sclerosis (MS). The MSRC website (www.msrc.co.uk) is packed full of information for people with MS, those awaiting diagnosis, friends, relatives, carers, professionals, and the plain interested. Also included on the website are copies of the New Pathways magazine, each issue comprising of a broad spectrum of informative articles, news, letters and literature. All the information provision on the MSRC takes manpower and stretches even the sterling team at MSRC. As a result, Renshaw Communications aims to help where we can.



Respond is a charity challenging vulnerability and sexual abuse in the lives of people with learning disabilities. They do so by offering psychotherapy and risk assessments to people with learning disabilities who have been abused or who are perpetrators.

As well as the business website, respond has also launched a website designed for and by people with learning disabilities (www.respond.org.uk/help/index.html). The website aims to help counteract the feelings of isolation, fear and confusion which can result from terrible experiences.

In addition to the website, respond provides a range of services to victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse who have learning disabilities, and training and support to those working with them. Renshaw Communications aims to assist in undertaking small, discreet pieces of research for Respond.


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